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Founded in 1983 in Taiwan, Howenia Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a food processing company specializing in various dried products (Freeze-dried/Air-dried/Drum-dried) processing and dessert. Having 37 years of experience in the food industry and our ISO 22000, BRC, OK Kosher and HALAL certifications, and as approved suppliers of many famous food groups companies. We strive to consistently provide high-quality products that are truly nourishing and thoughtfully sourced.

Our ability to fulfill customers’ needs has been the main key to our success since the beginning. We supply a wide range of freeze-dried, air-dried vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, solid beverage ingredients and process liquid extract coffee /tea to freeze-dried coffee/tea, also provide OEM/ODM/Private Label services. And we do supply also Drum dried root vegetables and fruits chips. Besides we also developed various FD snacks in the field of yogurt/plant-based yogurt with fruits flavor for kids and as ingredients of cereal or as snacks, and various FD crunchy fruits by using Japanese technical.

In May, 2020, we change our corporate name to Howenia Food Biotech Enterprises Ltd., the name change mirrors our growth in food industry field, indicates our continuous effort in research & development, and is a result of Howenia’s principle to provide our customers with natural, nutritious products.

Our goal is to be one of the top-performing, most trusted and respected food processing companies worldwide.


We take pride in providing unsurpassed services and products, and we work on continuous performance improvement and learning, which ensures our customers satisfaction, food safety, and the future of our growth.

We believe goodwill is an incredibly valuable business asset; therefore, we are dedicated to earning the trust of our clients, communities, and staff. Our nation’s virtues of honesty and fidelity are rooted in our purpose and values, which underpin our business and guide how we work.

Growing our business by introducing our new products to the world is at the core of what we do. We are continuously improving and adding to our products offerings and plan to invest in technical research to support our growth.

Sustainability is central to our development in Howenia. We are committed to positively impacting our society by reducing risks to our customers and the environment through our expertise, conduct, and technology.
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